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India's economy falters under Modi Oct 13, 2017 Al Jazeera
The Importance and Unimportance of S. Gurumurthy Oct 7, 2017 Wire, The
A Mega-merger and a Bureaucrat’s Transfer Apr 8, 2017 Economic and Political Weekly
Adani Group Accused of Evading ₹1,000 Crore Taxes in Diamond Trade Jan 6, 2017 Economic and Political Weekly
Did Modi receive over ₹55 crore from the Sahara Group as the chief minister of Gujarat? Nov 18, 2016 Economic and Political Weekly
Is ONGC under Pressure to Bail Out Debt-ridden Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation? Jul 21, 2016 Economic and Political Weekly
Power Tariff Scam Gets Bigger at Rs 50,000 crore May 14, 2016 Economic and Political Weekly
Treasure Island Apr 5, 2016 Himal
How Over-Invoicing of Imported Coal has Increased Power Tariffs Apr 2, 2016 Economic and Political Weekly
Turn Of The Apparatchik Mar 28, 2016 Outlook
Cow waving the tricolour Mar 9, 2016 Deccan Chronicle
The Immaculate Conception of Reliance Jio Mar 4, 2016 Wire, The
The image makeover Mar 3, 2016 DNA
Questions that need answers Mar 1, 2016 Deccan Chronicle
क्या बेमतलब लगने लगा है बजट? Feb 29, 2016 BBC Hindi
#Budget2016 gives a sense of deja vu Feb 29, 2016 Catch News
देशद्रोह के दौर में अर्थव्यवस्था की परवाह किसे Feb 26, 2016 BBC Hindi
Who cares about the economy? Feb 23, 2016 Deccan Chronicle
A story of neglect Feb 9, 2016 Deccan Chronicle
How many committees does it take to consider a Reliance request? Jan 26, 2016
Why it’s crucial for apex court to listen to Prashant Bhushan’s petition on Reliance Jio Jan 25, 2016
Why overnight prison detention may not be the end of troubles for Unitech directors Jan 14, 2016
Beggar thy neighbour Jan 12, 2016 Deccan Chronicle
Corporate games: can mining baron Anil Agarwal fry fish in its own oil? Dec 20, 2015 Catch News
বিজেপির কৃতিত্বেই বিরোধীরা এককাট্টা Dec 18, 2015 Anandabazar
सीबीआई छापे के सियासी मायने Dec 16, 2015 Naidunia
Why the CBI raid on the Delhi secretariat could backfire on the Central government Dec 15, 2015
रुख तो बदला, तस्वीर भी बदलेगी? Dec 15, 2015 Naidunia
India’s killing fields Dec 15, 2015 Deccan Chronicle
Post-Bihar: Tea, consensus? Dec 1, 2015 Deccan Chronicle
Why selling 10% stake in Coal India at this point is not a good idea Nov 29, 2015
The rise, fall and rise again of Lalu Prasad Yadav: Part II Nov 17, 2015 Citizen, The
Politics of alliances Nov 17, 2015 Deccan Chronicle
The rise, fall and rise again of Lalu Prasad Yadav: Part I Nov 16, 2015 Citizen, The
अब मोदी-जेटली को कांग्रेस से ये सीखना होगा Nov 9, 2015 BBC Hindi
Why the Bihar defeat will force the BJP to become more like the Congress Nov 9, 2015
माहौल ऐसे ही रहा तो विकास का क्या होगा? Nov 5, 2015 BBC Hindi
Reminders of raj dharma Nov 3, 2015 Deccan Chronicle
Why you shouldn’t expect mobile companies to pay for call drops anytime soon Oct 27, 2015
Lessons from Amaravati: How not to build a smart city Oct 22, 2015
कॉल ड्रॉपः जुर्माने के बाद भी सुधरेंगी कंपनियां? Oct 21, 2015 BBC Hindi
Judge orders legal action against CBI. Says 2G chargesheet fabricated Oct 15, 2015 Catch News
ഇന്ദ്രാണി മുഖര്‍ജിയും റിലയന്‍സും അഴിഞ്ഞു വീഴുന്ന കോര്‍പറേറ്റ് മുഖംമൂടിയും Oct 11, 2015 Azimukham
Pulling Down the Veil on Reliance and its Suspicious Links with the INX/NewsX Group Oct 8, 2015 Wire, The
War on black money is a hoax Oct 5, 2015 Asian Age, The
Did the EGoM led by Chidambaram overrule the Supreme Court to grant undue favours to four telecom firms? Oct 1, 2015 Sadda haq
ലോകമാകെ അമ്പരപ്പ് പടരവേ ശുഭകാര്യങ്ങള്‍ ഇന്ത്യയ്ക്ക് മാത്രമോ? Sep 28, 2015 Azimukham
2G Spectrum Row: Govt provided 'undue benefit' worth Rs 5476.3 cr to four telcos Sep 26, 2015 Sadda haq
Keeping the veil on Reliance down Sep 25, 2015 Hoot, The
No reason to rejoice Sep 22, 2015 Deccan Chronicle


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